What should I do if I take my laptop on holiday?

If you use your laptop on holiday first check whether the laptop is set to delete messages after a set interval from your email service provider's mail box. If it is, you should consider turning this off - so the laptop is  set NOT to clear emails. If the use of your laptop did clear your mail box while you were away, you would not be able to download the deleted messages when you came to using your PC on return back home. The best advice is perhaps to make sure that neither your PC nor your laptop is set to delete messages until you get home and give them the signal to do so.

Each emailer program will differ slightly in how you control the duration that emails are left on the email service provider's server. With Outlook Express, for example, click on
| Accounts, (highlight the mail account) | Properties | Advanced.
You will see Delivery - Place a tick on Leave a copy of messages on server but
tick Remove from server after x days.

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