What do I do if my emails are 'bounced'?

Yahoo's helpline on bouncing says:

If your Yahoo! Groups account is set to "Bouncing" your account will be deactivated and you won't receive any group email. However, we will periodically send test messages to check your email account. If a message is returned with no error, we assume your email account is now fixed and we reactivate your Yahoo! Groups account.

An Illustrated Guide (IG HUY) explains how to reactivate your email account immediately, from within your membership settings on the Forum.

Alternatively, if you wish, you can manually reactivate your account by going to the group website at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dalesfhs

  1. Click on My Groups

  2. Look for the Bounce Alert near the top of the page

  3. Click on Email Preferences in the upper right hand corner

  4. Click on Unbounce next to the bouncing email address

This will immediately send an email to your preferred mailbox. If itís no longer bouncing, youíll get that email Click on the link in the email to restore your connection.

If you do not want to do this, or if you still have a problem, please ask one of the Moderators to do it for you (their email addresses are given on the Introduction page at http://upperdalesfhg.org.uk/)