How do I unsubscribe from (leave) the Forum?

Note: Unsubscribing is permanent (until you decide to rejoin the group).  See also in contrast the Question
How do I stop and re-start email deliveries for short breaks?

To leave the Forum for good, send an email from the mailbox you use for dalesfhs correspondence to:

There is no need to add any message to the body of the email but you may want to add a short Subject text, otherwise your email browser program may complain.

You should get an email reply from Yahoo asking you to confirm that you want to leave. Just do what they ask in that email. Your membership will then be terminated and your details will no longer appear in the Members list.

Full members also have the option to leave the group from the dalesfhs website at
Just click Edit Membership and then click the button Leave Group.

Please Note (added Sept 2012)
Before YahooGroups activates your request, you must respond to their Confirmation email. If their email appears to be lost, please click on details of what to do.