How do I add or remove an email address registered with dalesfhs?

These answers are explained in
Illustrated Guide (IG ANE) (for changing an existing address or adding a brand new email address)
Illustrated Guide (IG RUA) (for removing an unwanted email address)

In summary (for Full, registered members - for Mailing-List-Only members see foot of page):

Changing an address already registered with Yahoo

  1. Go to the Forum website ( and click Edit Membership.

  2. Click the button next to the email address you now want to use.

  3. Make sure your other membership choices are selected (Individual Email, Daily Digest, etc).

  4. Save changes - await confirmation message.

Add a brand new email address to your membership setup

  1. Go to the Forum website ( and click My Groups across at the right hand side.

  2. Click on My Email Preferences - you will see your existing email address(es).

  3. Click Add/Remove Email Address.

  4. Click Add Another.

  5. Type in your new email address.

  6. Save.

  7. Click Close.

  8. Inspect the message sent to you.

  9. Click the link to verify your address.

  10. Click Continue and Sign In again.

  11. Change the email selection button and Save.

  12. Consider removing the the email address no longer needed.

Remove an unwanted email address

  1. Go to the Forum website ( and click Edit Membership.

  2. Click Add New Email Address and Sign in.

  3. Click Delete  against the address you want to remove.

  4. Click Delete Now, then Save.

For Mailing-List-Only members

If you change your email address you will need to join the Group again from that new address - since Yahoo does not yet know about you there is no mechanism for changing an email address within the Forum.