What should I do about SPAM?

  • Email messages coming to us may be identified as SPAM at various stages - by Yahoo, by our own email service provider, by some anti-virus programs and by our own email browser. Usually SPAM is directed into your SPAM folder if you have one. Some may be directed to your local mailbox on your own computer but SPAM may be directed to a SPAM folder at your mailbox on your provider's server. Your provider will tell you how to access your mailbox on the server. (You should know this to help with server-side email housekeeping).

  • Some non-SPAM emails are identified mistakenly as SPAM. If you have a SPAM folder (local or on your provider's server) it is wise to look in it frequently to see if any Forum emails have been misdirected there. It is a puzzle why certain apparently innocuous messages are labelled falsely as SPAM.

  • Some time ago it was arranged that SPAM was redirected to the Moderator for who could either delete it or send it on the Forum if appropriate. This Moderator-checking has now stopped because a) nearly all the 'SPAM' were genuine Forum messages, and b) whenever the Moderator was away clearance and forwarding of messages was delayed.

  • Our policy now is to allow all Yahoo-detected SPAM through, leaving it to the Forum member to make the decision of whether to delete or not.

  • One useful tip, if you receive an innocuous SPAM message and you wish to reply to it, please edit out the SPAM reference in the Subject title. Otherwise the 'SPAM' in the subject line becomes perpetuated.