How do I conduct a search of our message archive?

This facility is available only for Full members. Towards the bottom of an incoming email, click on 'Visit your Group' (or use the Illustrated Guide IG AFW). This will take you to the list of Messages. Identify the Search dialogue box and enter the string of characters you wish to search for. For example, if you entered the word 'Thwaite' it would identify all emails containing 'Thwaite' (and 'Thwaites' too). If the number of occurrences exceeds 5000, no results are displayed and you will have to refine your search. You can click on Advanced (next to the Search dialogue box) to make your search more specific.

The search facility allows us to search for a specific name, place or other text among the accumulating messages archived since November 2000 when the UDFHG started.