How should I use the 'Photo' option?

Full Forum membership allows you to display your photos of genealogical relevance on the dalesfhs at - or see the Illustrated Guide (IG AFW)
When you reach this website, you will see the Photos button in the left-hand margin. If you explore this link you will see that a number of members have already uploaded their photos. Because access to dalesfhs is restricted by password, it is most unlikely that the general public would be able to view or misappropriate your photos.

Yahoo's help notes on Photos are easy to understand; the following notes simply draw your attention to the main features.

Your photos must be submitted to Yahoo dalesfhs within Albums. Albums can be thought of as Folders (to use a more conventional computer term) where each Album usually contains photos with a common theme. You can

  • Add your photos to an existing album (if the Album has been given the appropriate permission settings)
  • OR
  • Create a new Album relevant to your particular interest

If you are creating a new Album you can choose who can add to the album's contents.

  • Any member of the group can add photos to your album (Group permission)
  • Only you or the Moderator can add/modify photos to your album (Personal permission)
  • You can change these settings at any time.

The following headings are offered as a guide when considering whether your photos are appropriate:

  • Your ancestors, particularly those to whom you or others have made reference in email postings.

  • Dwellings or districts in which your ancestors have lived.

  • Historical groups (such as sports, school, church, chapel, local theatre). These may not necessarily include your ancestors.

  • Contributions to albums devoted to dales 'Events' of historical interest.
     For example, bridge construction, floods, accidents, notable demolitions and new building, fairs etc.

  • Historical Occupations such as quilting, knitting, farming, quarrying, markets etc. For example, a member might start an album entitled 'Quilting in the Dales' and others could add photos of relevant interest.

Particular attention should be paid to the Caption and Description of each photo. This may be of particular value in group photos. "I think we need to encourage people to flesh out the details a bit for the benefit of future members - a bit of explanation about why a picture of a place is included for example. It will help new members to get a feel for our ancestors" (Tracy Little).

Legal implications. The legality of the publication of photos (copyright) is your responsibility - the Upper Dales Family History Group will accept photos on the understanding that you have sought and/or attempted to obtain written permission to publish. It is often very difficult to obtain permission for a photo that has passed thorough many hands before it was given to you. A photographer's name may be evident but he/she may be extremely difficult to contact even if still alive. Copyright of historical photos is often not easy to determine but at least you should make an effort and be ready to explain to anyone why your efforts failed. It may be a mitigation that no commercial advantage arises from your publishing in our membership-only group. The photos are not for sale and, of course, if anyone objected strongly to a particular photo then you would have no hesitation in removing it from the album. Photos should not be downloaded for your own use without the permission of the album owner. 

Particular care should also be taken over obtaining permission for photos showing living individuals. Such individuals may be sensitive about their photos being visible in many parts of the UDFHG world. If you took the photo then you hold the copyright but obtaining permission of the subject is a courtesy we would all appreciate. The same goes for photographs of private houses, farms. If in doubt, always ask permission.