How to use 'Questions'

If you cannot find an answer that fits your question then please email the
Technical Administration Moderator - Marion Hearfield.

Answers may depend on whether you are a

  • Full member
    (where you use your Yahoo ID to sign in to the full features and options of the dalesfhs group Forum website)
    OR a

  • Mailing-List-Only member
    (where you have not set up a Yahoo ID to give you this full access, but simply receive the emails from the Forum on your own PC)

  • Some answers are independent of Membership Status

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On finding a question appropriate to your enquiry,


Click 'F' in the green cell if you are a Full member


Click 'M' in the blue cell if you are a Mailing-List-Only member


Click 'F/M' in the orange cell for status-independent answers


Occasionally, you will see no 'F' or 'M' corresponding to the question. This indicates that the question is not relevant to one of the two types of membership.

There is often more than one way to achieve what you want. In the answers we have suggested the most straightforward and robust route for plain sailing.

Several answers are supported by Illustrated Guides (presented in 'pdf' format), the aim being to guide you through the procedure steps more clearly using 'screen shots' of what you will actually see when you come to follow them using the Yahoo dalesfhs website.

The default presentation of these Illustrated Guides is to display the pages to fit the size of your particular screen. This may mean that the initially-displayed text is almost too small to read. If this is the case then you should adjust the font-size scaling percentage in the toolbar at the top of your Acrobat display. If you are using Acrobat, there are other toolbar buttons which help you adjust the size of your display.

Part of the tool-bar at the top of Acrobat's display page. On the left is the print button.
Towards the right are buttons which control the size of the on-screen document. 

It is envisaged that you may want to place a print-out of the answer alongside your computer so that you can follow the steps more easily. If so, you should click on the Print button on your Acrobat (or equivalent program) screen.

After choosing a 'pdf' answer, your screen may appear blank for a short interval as the document loads.

If you do not have a 'pdf-reader' program such as Acrobat on your computer  then you can download it without charge from - note that you may have to disable your antivirus software during the download/installation process.