Forum backroom and the responsibilities
of the Owner, Moderators and you!


Yahoo Groups requires that each group like ours appoints at least one Owner responsible principally for appointing Moderators and deciding which Yahoo Group features will be available to our Forum members. In order to provide long-term stability and continuity, the Forum has now three Owners, Ann Wilson, Blair Southerden (both responsible for membership matters) and  Sheila Harris (responsible for the maintenance of the Forum). Each Owner has equal access to all aspects of the website's setup.


We have also increased the number of Moderators. Please click on an underlined (linked) name to initiate an email

Membership Moderator

Ann Wilson

Checks all applications and can refuse or remove membership

Standards Moderator

Peter Kennedy

Monitors content and calls a halt when any correspondence wanders too long or too far

Photos Moderator

Barbara Warnes

Has editorial control and will help members add photographs to our full-member-only photo albums

  Blair Southerden Deputy to Ann Wilson.
Follow up of any forum emails that get flagged for moderation or other intervention

Technical and
Resources Moderator

Sheila Harris

Helps members with problems logging in or upgrading membership and other technical difficulties

Each Moderator works autonomously within agreed guidelines but has a backup within the team to provide cover when needed. Please always contact a Moderator directly by email if you have a question which you cannot solve by interrogating the Questions section of the main menu.


Please note that the accountability for the content of postings to the Forum remains with the originating member who is expected to comply with Yahoo’s Terms of Service as well as our own UDFHG Guidelines

All co-owners and Moderators have equal responsibility for keeping a benign but eagle eye on the activities of the Forum and weeding where necessary. Only emails from registered members of dalesfhs are ever circulated within the Forum and we will quickly quarantine or delete any inappropriate emails.