Joining the Upper Dales Family History Group


The UDFHG’s public website is at:   

The UDFHG online Forum’s website is at:

 First step:

Set up a Yahoo account if you do not already have one. (If you do have one skip this section). IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH ANOTHER SERVER WHICH IS LINKED TO YAHOO i.e BTINTERNET, SKY, THIS WILL NOT WORK so still set up a Yahoo one

Here is how you can do it in simple steps

1)    The simplest way to set up a Yahoo account and ID is to go to the Yahoo home page.

In the top right hand corner below your tool bars you will see “sign in” and an envelope with “Mail” underneath it

2)    Click on “sign in”

3)    At the bottom of the panel you will see “New here? Sign up” (or just “create new account”) click that which takes you to a registration page

4)    Fill in the form. (You can use a pseudonym and fictitious date of birth if you wish)

5)    Click create account

That is it you now have your Yahoo ID. Please make a note of it as you will need to give it to us

Second step

a) Send a blank email to 

b) Wait for a reply. Please check your spam folder regularly.

c) The reply will give you a link to click on to validate your application. Do this.

You will then be taken to the webpage where it says
in order to expedite your membership please include a short message to include your reason for joining”  

Include your Yahoo ID and your name (it is not always easy for us to work this out from your email address or ID!)

The first 3 steps should take no longer than about 10 minutes. There may be a delay after you have given us your details and reasons but it should normally be no more than 24 hours at the most.


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