The rationale to Rennison's List

Much genealogical research involves patient extraction of information from original archive material held in County Record Offices and other repositories. But today many have discovered the wealth of information about our ancestors to be found in the hundreds of genealogically-based websites on the internet.

Teasing the information from all these websites can be confusing and each of us probably keeps a list of our favourites.

Since its inception in 2000, members of the Upper Dales FHG's mailing List have been happy to share their website discoveries so that many a member has discovered a gateway to trace their otherwise elusive ancestor.

Realising the potential for this website information, Rennison Vayro has been collecting these website references and asked our two Moderators, Ann Wilson and Peter Underwood, if they could help him to make his list of websites visible to all members, and to continue this reference collection into the future.

Working as a team, Ann and Rennison have compiled the existing information, while Peter suggested that the website references could be categorised to aid searching and that the Index could be presented as a website available to all in the group. We intend to add members' future references to this site.

The scope of the categories used to help searching has been devised by Rennison. One way of 'getting a feel' for how the categories work is to click on each category in turn and note the type of website reference listed as a result. (If you do not click on any category and click on 'Submit', the complete List is displayed). Click here for a more detailed definition of the categories.

Sometimes a website reference may fall into more than one category. For example, Glenys Marriott's Bishopdale website includes information both about upper Wensleydale and about the Upper Dales Family History Group, Clicking on either 'Yorkshire Dales' or 'Societies' will list this reference.

Please continue to contribute references to websites of interest to the List. Try to keep your descriptions reasonable concise we may edit the descriptions where necessary but we hope we will not lose the thrust of what you have to say!