Please Note:
For good security reasons, any instruction emailed to YahooGroups has to be confirmed before it can be activated, just to prove that the request came from the real person who sent the original request. Unfortunately, many email systems now impose strict spam filters that might put the incoming Confirmation requests or Verification requests from YahooGroups into your Spam folder.

Your original request cannot be activated until you have found and replied to the Confirmation email request from YahooGroups.

If you have sent an emailed instruction concerning any aspect of your membership of our email Forum (subscribe, unsubscribe, change to/from Daily Digest, switch to No Email) do watch out for an immediate reply from YahooGroups arriving in your email inbox.

If you don't see the Confirmation request (they are always easily identifiable):


Check your spam folder. If using gmail, find the Spam folder by clicking "More" in the left-hand menu, then click "Spam" to find the hidden folder.


Use your email providerís normal routine to mark the incoming message as Not Spam.


When you have found it, do what it says.

If you still cannot find it anywhere, send an email to to tell us what you wanted to do, and one of our Moderators will do it for you. They do arrive safely.